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Our History

REF Early Beginning

Over the past 9 years, our Foundation has made great progress towards improving and supporting the poor, the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the socially-excluded in the society.  Our founder Roseline started off this cause during her univesity days by recycling trash with the help of her friend’s and family and then donating them to some underserved neigbours and sometimes selling them and using the proceeds to pay schools fees for people who couldn’t afford to pay their fees within her community. Below is a timeline that emphasizes on key historical moments in the progress of this movement and the continued growth of REF. 

How it all started

-Roseline Ebunobi


This is a charitable act with the aim of reaching the unreached, less privileged who are struggling in order to survive. These people are living in my neighbourhood. Touching their lives through the provision of some basic amenities already donated indirectly to them by other neighbours living in my vicinity and some were referrals by my friends. I choose to refer these items as ‘TRASH’ because they can be recycled and be used.

After my high school education, with the friendly relationship I had with the neighbours, they made this dream come to live. A massive awareness and campaign was conducted by my team (a combination of family and friends). We went door to door to gather these items (TRASH). Lots of items were recovered and we joined our hands together to revive them all.

The items gathered includes clothing, bags, shoes, watches and other items. We later visited some near neighbours that weren’t well to do and handed over these clean pressed clothing and gifts to them. The joy expressed on their faces made me so eager to do more. The entire team was happy. 


This is targeted on public school students and street kids who cannot afford to pay for holiday classes/tutorials like most of the middle class kids and rich kids did within and outside the hood.

We take these kids on free extracurricular classes. We also provide them with learning materials including writing materials, e-learning resources, tutorial CD’s etc. Towards the end of our holiday classes, we hand them some educational materials. We also serve as their mentors and counsellors.

While I was in the university (Caritas University, Enugu), I studied Computer Engineering under the Founders scholarship. My burning desire was to reach out to kids and youths who did not have access to good education, haven been priveledged to enjoy free education which I was thankful for.  My heart bleeds when I see promising kids striving for knowledge but their parents can’t afford to send them to school. I try to unite with my friends who were as sensitive as I was to their pains to reach out to them and provide for them no matter how little during long vacations.



This is a project inspired by Alexandra Burke, a UK-based singer, actress and Philanthropist, a week to her birthday with the aim of inspiring her fans and the world to touch the lives of the homeless communities, the helpless people around us by showing love through an Act of Kindness. Having been a follower, a Fan of Alexandria and also a lover of such beautiful cause, I took part in the project.

The project was designed to encourage Alexandra’s Fans to engage in Acts of Kindness, spreading love any where they find their selves in the world. At the end of the project, 25 individuals from all over the world that performed the best 25 Acts of Kindness were invited to grace her 25th Birthday in the UK. During the event, a Humanitarian Award of a Gold Rose and Autographs were awarded by Alexandra Burke and a UK based Goldgenie Leban Roome to the Winners who were present.

I was the only Nigerian who was selected at the end of this online competition. Images where posted on Instagram with #25for25 as prove of Acts of Kindness. Having emerged winner, an invitation was sent to me via email congratulating me with an invitation to be at her 25th Birthday ceremony. I couldn’t attend due to the VISA processing long procedures considering the short time frame. I wrote to Alexandria Burke on my inability to honour her invite and she did understand.

A day to my birthday 28th October, my price got to me in Nigeria. It was indeed a memorable day holding on to a Gold Rose which is worth a fortune and signed Autographs from my Music Idol.

This project wouldn’t have been a success if not for the help of my family and friends as we reached out to a large number of persons through the funds made available from in house donations.

The Act took off from the streets, to “A place of Hope” Orphanage home; where   we threw a party, mentored them and also engaged them in skill acquisition. We then visited the Home for the Disabled who has been abandoned by the government after the world war. This visitation lasted for 5 days in Enugu State.

The more we came in contact with these great destinies, the more we got activated to expand our sphere of influence to the world. We are always driven to achieve more but we were constrained by some factors like funds, facilities and locomotion.


Project Street to Pitch is a vision born out of my love for the game of football. I may not have turned out a professional Footballer nor a professional athlete but I do not fail to recognize talents born out of the streets and in the near future, I hope to touch the lives of many talented, deprived, skilful, sportive kids and teenagers, disabled and impaired thereby uniting and preaching Love through sports.

During my Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Akwa-ibom State. I lived in a small village called Aka-etinan. Most evenings on my way back from my Primary place of assignment, I run into lovely kids who engage in street football. They try to enjoy themselves using various objects like oranges, plastic containers in place of ball as they could not afford a ball.

The drive, joy and passion I saw in these kids reminded of my good old days and it inspired the project “Street to Pitch”

We started off a campaign and fund raising exercise. The Vice President, Ekene Ezeasor, ensured the team stayed motivated even as our plans for the kids were big, we had to manage the funds made available to us to achieve at least what we had planned out. We hosted a football match whereby we had these kids trained by a coach, played on a pitch with referee, well clothed in jerseys, shin guards. We hoped to build a mini football pitch for these kids in Aka-etinan, Uyo in River state but the funds we raised after the event wasn’t sufficient so we gifted the moneys to the footballers and there was refreshments afterwards.

Having been in active humanitarian movement, learning and building a team over the years, looking back on the success we’ve made so far, this year was the best time for us to plan towards legally shielding our activities under a body. The name “ROSELINE EBUNOBI FOUNDATION” has been in existence but we needed legal backing to enable us expand our horizon and touch more lives through the supports and involvements of the people.

As a passionate sportss lady, from my childhood to adulthood, I was fully involved in sports activities and competitions that won me so many medals, monetary awards, Victor Ludorum and various recognitions. Not to forget I was a sports prefect in my high school and was actively involved in track and field events, football, basketball, to mention but a few.


Is a social media activism, a kind of revolution which serves as a reminder to the world, to constantly spread love and Peace to every living being. Life has no duplicate and we should treat others equally with Love and respect regardless of their status, colour, race or religion. The project kicked off at Model Motherless Home, Awka, Anambra State.

The world’s problems today; from the inner city crime, to large scale war and terrorism and our overcrowded prison are results of the fact that children had their childhood stolen from them.

During this project, we taught the kids and teenagers in every home we visited sex education. We counseled them and also donated sanitary pants and pads to the female gender. This project inspired a current work in progress by our Creative and Tech Partners; “Homes2Help – a Database of all registered Less privileged homes, orphanages, fatherless and motherless homes in Nigeria”

This project is aimed at connecting individuals through a centralized system with Charity homes that are close to them encouraging people to make donations to support the disadvantaged in the society. These system will encourage adoption, employment and other positive cause.


This project is an annual catalyst which is aimed at penetrating communities to rescue the visually impaired and the legally blind. This project will kick-off in Imo State and we hope and believe to set up a free “EYE CARE CENTER” in Imo State and other parts of Nigeria, which can be accessed by the poor in the society and the impaired.

All these dreams can only be made possible through the support and involvement of our sponsors, family and friends.

While I was in the University, I wasn’t on a pay check because my school had some very serious restrictions, so I did every good thing I could do to make some money, and work towards achieving a purposeful life.


Our Project 1000 innovation hub in Abuja provides underserved and underprivileged Nigerian youths with digital literacy and proficiency and entrepreneurial skills to prepare them for the future of work absolutely free of charge. We hope that before the year 2020, we would have engaged over 1000 young persons who will, in turn, empower more people to leverage on the cyberspace opportunities and beyond.

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  • When considering poverty in the developing world, many people feel deep sorrow but conclude that there is nothing we can do. The scale of poverty is immense and we seem powerless to stop it. Such despair is understandable, but the facts tell a very different story. While poverty is indeed extreme and widespread, it is easy to forget just how many people there are in the developed world, and how powerful our pocket change can become when pooled together.
  • When giving to REFoundation, the size of your donation directly correlates with the number of people you are able to help. But you don't have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference; even small donations have the potential to drastically improve an individual's quality of life.