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Emergency Safety App(Repost of Facebook post)

Thank You Roberto RE. Is amazing how you have my initials (RE) attached to your name. You are an amazing person and I’m blessed to meet you in real.
I had an idea(s) and what I thought was a plan but didn’t have the right tools nor experience. Thanks Roberto RE for being a great teacher and Mentor.


One step at a time… Okay, refoundation.org was founded with the sole purpose of serving humanity and creating solutions to solve problems that affect us. This is a hobby and I love it. I will give my all to see that these goals are realized.

My first official project is a Safety app.

What is safety? Safety is freedom from harm or danger. Humans and even animals are exposed to daily risks that could cause harm or loss.

Why safety app?
This topic is of utmost concern to me “#Violence and #Rape”. It is obvious that the legal system alone is ill-equipped to handle cases of sexual assault. Some Non-profits who are genuinely doing something to solve these problems do not have enough funds nor support to carry on.
The nature of this crime requires the involvement of the government and many organizations to handle the complex damage caused by this violent act.
I’m heavily burdened by the daily headlines of Domestic Violence and Rape and yet not enough is done to end it.
More females are victims! Note:
#Rape knows no Gender.
So, I thought if we applied more safety measures we could escape the risk of being a victim of sexual danger and any kind of danger.

👉🏽#RAPE and #VIOLENCE is an Emergency 🚨.
The inspiration:
What if your mobile phone could do more for you? Like, save you from danger? Even when it’s switched off or on silence.
What if your social media handle was more than just a social hub. -Where you can get actual HELP!
Did she tell you that someone tried to touch her on the wrong place(s)? I mean there!!!! Ofcourse not! Because she knew you wouldn’t believe her anyway. Why? -Poor/No Parental relationship. 😰😥😥

Now this…,
Have you ever felt stucked on by someone while walking or driving home late at night? Like felt really unsafe? 😩😤😫

Have you ever screamed for help and nobody heard you??? Sad right? 😞😢

Have you ever entered *One Chance*? Like hopped on a vehicle with everyone in it looking suspicious or the driver taking you to an unknown destination? 😱

Ever felt Physically, emotionally or sexually threatened?😰

Ever been anxious about the safety of someone close to you. For example ; A friend, your children, your spouse or your parents? Tried to reach them but couldn’t because their phones were on silent or switched off?

How do I intend to achieve this?

Well, I have something baked and I plan to improve upon it. I also plan to work with organizations, startups and individuals who are concerned about this issue and we will tackle it together. I will solicit for funds.

Please, if you are passionate about solving this problem or supporting me on this cause, send me a message.
Let’s connect and do something.

If you are a Female Programmer too, hit me up. Let’s work together.

cc @refoundation ~Special thanks to our Volunteers and supporters.

One L 💕 ve

~Roseline Ebunobi

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